Cafvina Coffee & Tea® Recipes:

Frozen Hot Chocolate (Kid Friendly!)

Ready in minutes!

Here's our easy to follow Three Ingredient Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe--make it at home in just minutes! Take a sip into nostalgia as you enjoy this creamy and sweet ice blended drink. Using Cafvina Coffee & Tea brand products. 


  • Cafvina Coffee & Tea® Brand Chocolate Powder
  • Cafvina Coffee & Tea® Brand Condensed Milk
  • Whole Milk (6-oz)
  • Cafvina Coffee & Tea® Brand Cinnamon Sprinkle


  • Add 2 scoops of Chocolate Powder to Blender
  • Add 6-oz of Milk to Blender
  • Add 2-oz Condensed Milk (Optional)
  • Add 16-oz of Ice to Blender
  • Blend until Smooth


Chocolate Powder
Chocolate Powder

Chocolate Powder

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