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Our History

Quốc Việt Foods® began in 2002 in a small 900 square foot location, expanding year over year, to currently over 100,000 sq ft space.

Starting with only a small offering of items initially, Quoc Viet Foods® has expanded to now 17 different types of soup bases and seasonings.

The company has gone to create a new division, Cafvina Coffee & Tea to supply customers with coffee, teas, and smoothie bases.

In addition to supplying to the supermarkets, Quốc Việt Foods® also ships products to restaurants, hospitals, schools, and casinos. Recently the company also became an approved vendor to SYSCO, the ubiquitous distributor of food and related products and services to restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, schools, colleges, cruise ships, sports parks and summer camps - wherever a meal is prepared away from home.

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