Established in 2007

Started in 2007 as a division of Quoc Viet Foods. Based in California. We are committed to bring gourmet coffee and tea to our clients. We have expanded our products to now include new items such as smoothies in our efforts to better work with the needs of our customers. We work with our customers to provide them with an unique experience when it comes to our beverages.

Our History

Over the years, the company is making a name for itself on its own. However, the foundation and history that it has inherited in the short time has not deviated. Cafvina Coffee & Tea is much like Quoc Viet Foods, where it builds relations with other companies to grow together in success of its partnerships. We now offer regular and organic coffees or teas. We also offer delicious smoothie bases to mix and enhance your smoothies. We have ready to drink options for some of our coffees. We provide customers with the ability to create custom blends of teas, coffees, or even smoothies.
Welcome to the Cafvina Crew!