3 in 1 INSTANT CaféSua® Brand
Cafvina’s 3-in-1 Instant CafeSua Mix has a sweet and bold taste, elevated by our signature Vietnamese coffee flavor. Create a delicious, fragrant cup of coffee that comes together in seconds. Can be enjoyed hot, over ice. For extra strength, mix...
Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter 7cm
Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter slowly drips coffee to brew a perfect hot or iced coffee (cafe sua da).  Made with Stainless Steel. Diameter: 7cm
Special Premium Blend Ground Coffee
Our very own Special Premium Blend, consisted of carefully and ethically harvested Arabica beans from around the world. This is our must-try roast, packed full of floral, acidic and sweet flavors that are complemented by bold undertones from the roasted chicory. ...
Orleans Southern Blend® Brand Ground Coffee
This is our take on the famous New Orleans style coffee grounds! Our Orleans Southern Blend® is consisted of dark premium coffee beans and roasted chicory root for a smooth, bitter undertone. The bold and deep flavor palette appeals to the...
Instant French Vanilla Cappuccino Mix
Cafvina’s French Vanilla Capp instant mix is irresistible! Experience Vanilla like you never have before--rich, creamy and smooth. Enjoy Cafvina’s premium French Vanilla Capp mix in a variety of ways! Made in the USA. Contains: Milk, Soybeans
Instant English Toffee Cappuccino Mix
Our English Toffee Capp has sweet notes of caramelized butter and nutty toffee flavors. Enjoy Cafvina’s premium English Toffee Capp mix in a variety of ways! Made in the USA. Contains: Milk, Soybeans
Instant Mocha Cappuccino Mix
Cafvina’s Mocha Capp is deliciously captivating and rich. Experience the deep and rich chocolatey flavors of this Mocha Capp in a variety of ways! Made in the USA. Contains: Milk, Soybeans
French Roast Ground Coffee
Using 100% Arabica Beans harvested selectively from well known coffee growing regions around the world, our French roast is thin in body and mouthfeel, accented with a delicious bitter note. Its roast is inspired by French styled coffee crafting, mildly dark...
Instant Hot Cocoa Mix
Our Hot Cocoa Mix will have you feeling nostalgic. Enjoy Cafvina’s Hot Cocoa Mix in a variety of ways, not just hot! Made in the USA. Contains: Milk, Soybeans
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