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Orleans Southern Blend® Brand


This is our take on the famous New Orleans style coffee grounds! Our Orleans Southern Blend® is consisted of dark premium coffee beans and roasted chicory root for a smooth, bitter undertone. The bold and deep flavor palette appeals to the traditional Vietnamese coffee drinker, rich in both coffee aroma and taste. 

Coffee drinkers beware! This is definitely a darker roast to enjoy... it might even be the best dark roast coffee you'll ever drink. 

☕ The fragrant aroma and taste comes naturally from the high quality, premium coffee beans and high quality roasted chicory root. 

🥄 Enjoy it plain, with sugar, or with condensed milk (our favorite way!), as well as iced or hot. This versatile coffee is delicious, any way you drink it! 

📍 Our coffees are roasted and bottled fresh at our own roastery located in Orange, California!  

Follow our easy Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) Recipe below: 

Orleans Southern Blend® Brand
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